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Default Re: My Problem With Fox (Faux) News

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
"Closer to the truth."

There's virtually no truth in the story I cited except the people's names.

Here's a challenge for anyone.

Go find an unrelated story where the term "spying" was used in place of "criminal investigation" by law enforcement officers of the United States. Show me that usage of the word by another Attorney General or even a local police chief or prosecutor.
If you are hanging your hat on the use of the word "spying" it's gonna spend a lot of time on the floor.

There is no way to describe what was done by the government to the campaign o Donald Trump without using the word "spying" Or "surveillance." Stop trying.

First Spying is the proper word and second, it is irrelevant to weaponizing our government agencies to check out the opposing party's campaign. That is what happened. They tapped phones and com lines. Inserted undercover personnel, even baited members with fake Russian agents. Surveilled or spied on, neither is acceptable.

It also seems to have been completely one sided as no reports have ever surfaced of doing the same to the Democratic party as an effort to protect and validate fair and free elections.

That, makes it political and therefore unacceptable no matter WHAT you call it.

Stop trying.
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