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Default Re: My Problem With Fox (Faux) News

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
FYI, all "news" is slanted these days. You would need to stop watching ALL of it.

Also, spying has more than one meaning. Search out, watch closely, and/or examine, is the main one, and that fits what Barr said.

also, observe closely and secretly, also true. Trump was not informed of the surveillance, so it was also spying.

There is not one single meaning for the word "spying" in Webster's that goes against the way Barr used it.
How are the terms used when related to our government?

The CIA engages in "spying" and that entails the illegal gathering of secret information from foreign countries.

The DOJ/FBI conducts criminal "investigations" that comply with the Rule of Law in the United States.

Bob Barr, known for his selection of words, knew full well that his explicit use of the word "spying" would fuel the Trump conspiracy theories of illegal spying on the Trump campaign. It did exactly that when we look at Trump's response to the selection of the word "spying" by AG Barr.

"I think what he said was absolutely true. There was absolutely spying into my campaign," Trump said Thursday. "I'll go a step further. It was my opinion it was illegal spying, unprecedented spying, and something that should never be allowed to happen in our country again."
If that was not what Bob Barr intended then there should be a front page story where Barr condemns President Trump for misrepresenting the statement Barr made. Barr has done absolutely nothing to debunk what the President has said as being FALSE without any evidence to support the allegation.

Rep Devin Nunes has been on Fox News claiming that Barr was confirming that "illegal spying" against the Trump campaign took place by our government.

The Trump 2020 campaign has used "illegal spying" to solicit funds.

The entire Trump world is claiming that Barr confirms the conspiracy theory that "illegal spying" against the Trump campaign took place.

If that's not what Bob Barr intended he should be slapping down these allegations as being completely unsupported. They've been investigated by the DOJ, the House, and the Senate and no evidence of any improper intelligence gathering has been found. The conspiracy theory was debunked under the Republican controlled Congress.

So where the hell is Bob Barr to slap down these false claims?

Don't give me the dictionary definition. Take a look outside your window and see what's actually happening and how the Trump world is using the word "spying" that Bob Barr used in his testimony.
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