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Default Re: Trumpís NAFTA 2.0 Puts Big Pharma First, America Second

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Your anger is showing. Do you have anything to say positive about this country's current environment? Or is it all a matter of dissing Trump and riling up the haters?

I've benefited from the current economic environment, me, a lowly pleeb. How about you?
You are darn right I am angry. why aren't you? Please don't tell me you are selling out your country for a few extra bucks? The adrenaline that was pushed into the economy will have to be paid for, and it will once tRUmp is out of office and rotting in prison. And as usual the Democratic Party will have to clean up the pieces and people like you will complain that its taking too long to fix all the crap you guys just broke.

Bur yeah I've benefited greatly, thank you to all you pleebs for supporting the tax scam. For the second time in my life, my demographic (very wealthy Democrat) voted against their financial self interest, only to have the Republicans pass an unfunded multi-trillion tax cut for me, paid for by the large voting bloc of Republican voters (Pleebs like you).

I bought a nice 7 figure vacation house with the Bush tax cuts. Iím thinking of buying a nice boat with this one. Thanks suckers.
People have said not to just dismiss the right as stupid, as it's polarizing and you won't get through to them that way, etc. But it's hard to imagine that someone with even average intelligence could be so lacking in self-awareness as they are.
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