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Default Re: The Federal Government Abandons the Most Popular Part of the ACA

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
oh he has a plan alright
fill his pockets while helping big insurance and big pharma
Once again, unfortunately, you post something that pops off the top of your head, with no validation, support, links, or even proof from some main stream media joke.

Did you have an (coherent) thoughts about a way to carry forward the pre-existing clause, or was this post strictly an ad hom attack on Trump, who is not here to defend himself?

As Franc noted, the pre existing clause could have been addressed with a couple of pages of legislation.... but that wouldn't have worked for the forced purchase of a private product.

I'm sure you have a 'why do you hate people with pre-existing conditions' in your repertoire, but until you understand that other people who were responsible should not have to pay for those who were not responsible, it is all hot air and angst.
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