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Default Re: Dick's Sporting Goods took $150 million hit after restricting gun sales. CEO says

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post

wrong, due to their evangelical base political Conservatives fight tooth and nail for preference for Christians specifically evangelical Christians whose "beliefs" are floating and of a wide variety compared to more conservative (small 'c') christian religions.

And that is Dick's prerogative.
Looks like we agree by 75%
We don't insist Kosher butchers sell bacon. But somehow we find legal grounds When Christian baker's don't want to produce wedding cakes decorated for gays and lesbians. And in court, the bakery did win, validating their civil rights. The baker went broke, not because of lost business, but paying legal bills

Nobody sued Dick's for refusing to sell a legal product to a customer of legal age and qualifications. They lost business because the consumers decided.

<AS IT SHOULD BE> A point you clearly refuse to see.

As for religion, the Founders wanted a "wall of separation" between the government and the Church to protect the civil rights of the church. Not to protect the government. No mention of "evangelical," "catholic" or otherwise can be found in the text of the Constitution, or the Federalist papers which explain the purpose of each word and phrase in the founding documents. Making up such crap does little to add validity to your arguments.
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