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Default Re: 'We're not playing games' President Trump issues a major threat to Mexico in fi

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Problem is hiring more border personnel even if they could be found, they are like all those phantom health care professionals to provide Medicare for all, just sends a message of encouragement for even more illegal immigrants to crash the border. The current situation is brought on by the combination of a grossly insecure border and a combination of asylum laws and court decrees creating an open border. The number of so-called family units illegally crossing the border has skyrocketed based on the prospect of a wall being built finally. Illegal aliens recognize the impact of the wall, they are not hiding behind denials or deluded by partisan fantasies that turning the border patrol into a concierge service for illegal aliens will solve the problem.
this president shirked his duty in favor of a campaign bumper sticker
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