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Default Re: Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes

Originally Posted by Jeerleader View Post
You are a special kind of retarded but you're a liberal so I apologize for being redundant.

I was making fun of the ridiculous correlation / causation fallacy of the OP.

The link of "dihydrogen monoxide" to all manner of unfortunate outcomes and nefarious behavior is an internet joke / parody that's been around for 20 years.

Jesus Christ I can't believe you took it, well, I can't even say seriously because your take was so off the planet and, to put it mildly, sick as ****.

Damn son! nice burn. did you cut yourself on that edge? if only everyone knew the latest internet memes like smart people like you do!
People have said not to just dismiss the right as stupid, as it's polarizing and you won't get through to them that way, etc. But it's hard to imagine that someone with even average intelligence could be so lacking in self-awareness as they are.
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