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Default Re: Trump will remove new North Korea-related sanctions because he 'likes' Kim Jong U

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
oh jezzoose, just admit you are a Trump apologist and be done with it.
You always say such BS when you are faced with honest truths you don't like. Nothing to which I must admit any guilt unless you think supporting our system of government is somehow evil or wrong. I will literally defend it to the death of me. An oath I took seriously more than once.

You claim Trump is a criminal and is blowing p the world.
What crimes?
What part of our world is blown up?

Despite more than two years of looking, No crimes against the nation have been found.
And parts of the world on Fire in 2016 are now calm and under more peaceful negotiations.

ISIS caliphate was 1/3 of Iraq and much of Syria. Now gone
We were on the verge of nuclear exchange with PRONK now the diplomats are engaged.
We are winding down the 17 year war in Afghanistan.
All I am saying is these things, you claim, don't exist. Your bile and hatred is from your own inventions. And that of the mendacious sites you call sources. Not any factual truth. And yet you wildly accuse the President of crimes, self interest and misdemeanors.

Perhaps when you admit to TDS and seek professional help,,,,, we can have a sane conversation about how our government does work. Not how you think it should work. But, I am not gonna hold my breath.
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