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Default Re: Trump will remove new North Korea-related sanctions because he 'likes' Kim Jong U

We elect Presidents to do the job of negotiating with other nations. When some do it, they hide everything, every move and then give us a snow job so the State department will accept it or the Senate will ratify it. Later planes full of cash leave the country.

Nothing changes

So far Trump is making changes in the relationship with our North and South Korean neighbors. We seem to begiving South Korea a hand in connecting with the north. And our state of war footing with the PRONK is over.

Other than upsetting career diplomats who have heretofore accomplished NOTHING, I'm not sure what we have lost in the bargain so far.
But no missiles have flown for more than a year. Some of our hostages are now home. We haven't been threatened. And talks go on.

It may not seem like much but, it's more than was accomplished in 80 years with the PRONK.

We trusted President Obama for 8 years. And Like it or not, good or bad, we are where we were in 2016 the result of his management. State of impending war, possibly nuclear, with a mouse desperately attempting to roar. For now Kim is quiet and some hope gleams it may stay that way. For the record, the volatility lies with Kim the absolute dictator not THE Donald who must answer to the people in two years..

That is how it works herein the USA.
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