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Default Re: Warren: 'White supremacists pose a threat to the United States like any other ter

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
FACT: In 2018, every person killed in the USA due to domestic terrorism, was killed by a White, Right Wing terrorist.

In the USA, right wing terrorism is the biggest threat to the USA.

The problem I hope at least, why you and others don't realize your ignorance is because you and the other white nationalists are detached from reality. You act like America is an ethnostate, but it's not. That's why you view immigrants as invaders. The white nationalists don't even realize America is a country of immigrants. They don't even realize immigrants are on team America.

The best part-- and by best, I mean most tragic-- is you don't realize that the same things yoy say about Muslim immigrants were said about your Polish/Irish/German/Slavic ancestors a century or so ago by contemporaneous Americans. They clustered in little enclaves and didn't come out, their religion was incompatible with American values/democracy, and that they refused to assimilate and/or be grateful enough.

Yet here we are, a hundred or so years later, and their great-grandkids are the kind of people that are saying the same thing about others.

Saltwn told me to try and be nice, so thats the nicest way I can put it. Hey I didn't mention tRUmp and his complicity.
And you have posted up your complete lack of historical knowledge regarding immigrants that came to this country.

While LEGAL immigrants may have lived in neighborhoods with ethnic ties, they worked and involved themselves in other areas outside those neighborhoods.

Pop quiz: why did they do this? Think about it. Get back to me.
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