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Default Re: Ocasio-Cortez brilliantly catches Wilbur Ross in huge lie

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
And the problem is that both liberals and conservatives are now considered the same. People who have actual values and are not complete Machiavellian tools and nazis just do not have a voice or even much of a presence in the modern GOP right now. Not even John McCain is considered a Republican. Is even Reagan?

There is nothing good about the republican party right now. They lie about everything, they are deliberately undermining institutions and grabbing power. There is a deliberate strategy of acting in bad faith, obscuring the facts and going for broke for their own objectives with no respect for the agency and mandate of the people they govern. They are openly racists.They are evil and they are fascists. And anyone that supports them is complicit.
I think they use racism as a means to an end. absolute power
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