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Default Re: BREAKING: AOC's Brilliant Take Down Of Ronald Reagan

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
I don't understand how anyone can use the word "Brilliant" and AOC in the same sentence. Despite a degree in economics (supposedly) she cannot do simple math.

A declaration ", I'm the boss now..." gives her no special powers over the laws of physics, mathematics, or the Founding documents of our nation.

Her denial of economic progress under Reagan's politics is a blind ambition to effect a bold lie.

7 years of positive GDP growth each over 3% one a 7%. Unlike Trump, who drove an immediate improvement, Reagan took a whole year to reverse the malaise of Jimmy Carter's Administration. And the effect of his leadership lasted well in to the Clinton years when most of AOC's followers weren't yet born.
Shhhhh, you are not allowed to point to the prosperity engineered by Reagan's policies. His crime in the eyes of Progressives was an antipathy towards an all powerful Federal government. So, he must be the epithet of racism mixed with the communist pose of defending the working class. The Progressive children of the corn are ignorant of history making them perfect vessels to fill with AOC'S romantic nonsense of working class warfare.

In her blathering AOC also attacked Progressive demigod FDR for the New Deal apparently forgetting the myth that it was supposed to have ended the great Depression and more importantly ushered in a massive expansion of the Federal government. Again AOC finds fault based on racism.

The New Deal was an extremely economically racist policy that drew literal red line around black and brown communities, says Ocasio-Cortez.
Never mind that AOC patterned her radical remaking of the US after FDR'S new deal, even adopting the name, her disciples will never question her every utterance no matter how preposterous. AOC'S rants can never be challenged because her so-called brilliance allows her to rewrite history on a whim.
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