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Default Re: Citi in Talks With Treasury Over $1.1 Billion Maduro Gold Deal

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Maduro gladly sells his crude to the US at market rates because the US is Venezuela's primary cash customer. We are capitalist scum to him but cash is cash.

Oil is Venezuelas's top export and the US is the biggest customer. Other countries may decline to trade with his regime but the country's problems are due to first Chavez and then Maduro mismanagement of the economy.
I don't know why we buy oil from anyone but that's a different discussion.

if maduro made mistakes then the people of his country will rectify them next election. russia is giving them aid and cuba was due to do the same.
we did not take help from cuba during and after 9 eleven. maduro is of the same mind set as bush.
its not our country its theirs. we should butt out
what do you wanna bet refugees are being refused from there?
trump big talky from both sides of mouthy
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