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Default Re: 'Dangerous.' 'Abuse.' 'Lawless': Bipartisan attack on Trump national emergency de

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Dangerous abuse of power is when Justice Department lawyers attempt a coup d'état' to reverse the results of a national election.
if you are talking about polling cabinet members on the 25th amendment that is part of the constitution (hence the name "amendment")
When the Congress, because of time constraints, not in session or gridlock, cannot or will not address a current crisis? This is what the emergency power granted to the executive is intended.
Congress did act. created a budget with wall money they agreed upon. The Trump-O decided he wanted it done quicker so fakes an emergency. Not his greatest idea
One can perhaps make the argument such is not the case. However that argument is not proven here simply because the media wants to avert America's eye's to the issue. The crisis on our southern border has been in existence since President Clinton promised to fix it.
How can you claim that when they have been there with cameras the whole time?
Every Congress, and every President, since has failed to do what they promised.
And so did this POTUS. He was willing to take a lot more then a lot less then canceled those due to his own flakey fakey propagandistas.

And the organized resistance to fixing the issue, we see before us now, is evidence as to why none ever really tried. People who object to a secure border should be asked what it is that they don't want to stop from crossing it.
Security and 25 billion dollars in concrete taken from FEMA and our military are two entirely different things.
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