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Default Re: 11-year-old arrested after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
https://www.freedomforuminstitute.or...giance/http:// article says the child was disruptive and the teacher handled it poorly so lost her job.

As it says in -

Mike And The Mechanics "Silent Running."

I've always considered myself a loyal American but the more I read about the history of our nation I'm not sure.
But we try and so far allow people to dissent and Keep and bear arms in case the Government gets (to) tyrannical. We have changed to be more inclusive to those who once didn't have the same rights and the majority. People from all over still want to come here. I sure wouldn't want to live in most other nations in the world. Most that now are (in my opinion) good the USA has bailed them out (some more than once).

Note the song also says:

Also Note: The song was banned by the BBC

Sure nice to have Freedom of SPEECH
He wasn't being asked to RECITE the Pledge of Allegiance, he was asked to stand. Two different things.

That being said, if the threats of violence, not things like 'I'm gonna get you fired!' can well lead to being removed from the area. The resisting arrest is a crap kicker in this case, IMO.
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