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Default Re: Man pulls gun on couple in MAGA hats inside Samís Club: ĎItís a good day for you

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
As we talk about self defense, let us remember that is not the reason we have the a second amendment. It is not so we don't fear our neighbors, but so we don't have to fear our government.
Yeah it always bugs me when the anti gunners say " You don't need an assault rifle to protect your family or hunt"

But when you see the DOJ and FBI doing military style raids on people for minor offenses, it makes you realize that things could go bad with the wrong people running the country.

If we ever go full blown socialist, we will all need our guns since dictators will be running the country.
Political Correctness, is Fascism masquerading as manners - George Carlin.
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