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Default Re: 'Dangerous.' 'Abuse.' 'Lawless': Bipartisan attack on Trump national emergency de

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
I do not think that President Trump's declaration of a national emergency is abusive or lawless. In fact, other presidents--of both parties--have frequently declared national emergencies.

Nonetheless, I do think that it is of questionable wisdom.

After all--as I am certainly not the first to point out--a future Democratic president may declare a national emergency as regarding, say, climate change (and therefore prompt Congress to prohibit the internal-combustion engine); gun violence (and therefore seek to confiscate our guns); or healthcare insurance (and therefore ask Congress to enact UHC).

I do think that President Trump is weary of Congress' refusal to act; so he has responding by taking action, himself.

I just am not certain that, in the long run, it will prove to be a wise choice.
That is the point. Congress did in fact act. did republicans get all they wanted? no. Did democrats? no. And they abided by a compromise they are proud of and the American people should be. Trump is a baby man. full stop. dictatorial wanna be emperor pretending at some emergency to rally the troops for a 2020 run.
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