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Default Re: Kamala Harris’ weed-toking college playlist goes up in smoke

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
Holy ****, a politician made a mistake about what music she listened to 35 years ago while baked? Trump's got my vote for sure!

Probably should have just said Grateful Dead if she couldn't remember.

Works for every decade.
Three points...

1) Her exact words were...and I'm quoting...

Definitely Snoop, Tupac for sure,” she said.

That's not "I think it was..." or "It might have been"...It was "Definitely" and "for sure"...

Her intention was to make it appear as a slam-dunk fact...which has been disproved...

2) The whole REASON for the story is that she feels she NEEDS to tell stories to somehow prove "her blackness"...

It was a "Look at my identity class bona fides!!!" moment...Shallow and insecure...She honestly believes that if she answered "Barbra Streisand" and "Huey Lewis", she'd lose votes...

3) Just like Brian Williams lying saying he was in danger on helicopter rides in Iraq, Sen. Richard Blumenthal lying about his Vietnam service (How did this f*cker get elected?!?!!? ), and Hillary Clinton saying she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary because he climbed Mt. Everest (which he didn't until AFTER she was born), these are unforced errors, and it shows that these politicians feel the need to EMBELLISH their own lives when they don't believe the simple truth is enough...
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