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Default Re: Rep. Ilhan Omar butchers simple math to push $15 minimum wage agenda and it doe

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
not anymore
if you are lucky and damned smart and are a great self starter I give it a perhaps or perhaps you'll be working at Bob's Burger Barn when you are 40. you don't seem to realize the country has changed.
Really? I guess I'm an anomaly, then. Upper 25% of my HS class, no college degree, but a lot of learning at the library, learning on the job, the occasional Adult night classes, a number of college level classes in accounting and economics, and here I am after years of climbing the corporate ladder, a Financial Controller for a $35M company.

I'm such a failure.....

I don't normally discuss my position, but I really am a poster child for what you can do if you are determined to make something of yourself. It's one of the reasons I get so argumentative with people who do nothing but whine or complain that they aren't going anywhere in life.

Get off your ass and do it. Do whatever is necessary to get where you want to in life, without stepping on other people. Use the tools you have available. You'd be surprised how many successful people don't mind doing a little mentoring for someone who shows the right attitude and aptitude. As I said, library (and nowadays, the internet is even easier), scrape together a couple of bucks and take a night course. Used college books stores. Audit college level classes when you can. Ask questions.

I'm sick and tired of the 'but they only earn $9.00 an hour how are they supposed to live?" bull****.
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