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Default Twins get 'mystifying' DNA ancestry test results

Twins get 'mystifying' DNA ancestry test results

after twins take DNA test from 5 different companies they take 30 minutes of video (in real time) to say
-the twins get different ancestry breakdowns which makes no sense scientifically.
-even from the same company they get different ethnic results
-these DNA test are only 50% accurate... at best
-the ethnic breakdowns are based on estimates and selected groups samples and mathematical algorithms that are often updated and give different results overtime.
-some of the same people took the same test at different times and got fairly different and new "ancestry" breakdowns.
-parts of the ethnic assessments are guesses.
-the only thing that they can say for sure is what continent you're from... generally.
-people are really about 99% the same genetically.
-don't take the DNA test to seriously. (or at all if you ask me)

I'd add keep your money.
AND not mentioned in the video... on the darker side... some(?) of these companies trade and sell people's DNA information.
How many of us would willingly give up our DNA to some faceless company if they just asked for it?
just sayin'.

Caveat Emptor
Buyer Beware
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