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Default Re: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam apologizes for yearbook photo with blackface; KKK cos

while forgiveness is something that should always be an option. ... for all of us.
In this case it has to be after reviewing and accessing his other and more recent behavior .
But the photo sadly puts a bit of a shadow over it all now.

Personally, I'm not someone who wants to end people's careers over all of the old stuff people did in college or young.
or even some current slips of the tongue and the like.
IMO people in America simply have a lot of old racist bad habits. 400 years of racist policies, actions and cultural mindset weren't just completely erased in the 1960s and 1970s. That's just the way it is. Even though some folks like to say that racism is basically over. the stink lingers (often in away that some folks can't even smell it becasue it's just part of the air) and it comes out strong from time to time.
IMO sometime it needs harsh redress, sometimes meh, not so much. Depending on the actual effects.

But the fact that it was "1984!" "he was 25 years old", isn't a excuse.
1984 isn't that long ago, and it was WELL known at that point that dressing in blackface and hanging out with people dressed in KKK outfits was about as racist you could get. I mean a 25 year old med student kid at a school like VMI in 1984 knew better and did it anyway.

While it's fine to want to assume that it was just a one off and not reflective of his real mindset.
To me it comes across, at the least, as showing that he had... and maybe still has... as seriously callous disposition towards minorities. (that kind of attitude doesn't often stop a blacks) . Or he had EXTREMELY bad decision making skills.

With his current POV on abortion I'm inclined wonder if both are true.

But in general for those that don't get where i'm coming from, and think it's no big deal, that it was just jokin' around at a party.
I wonder what you'd think of a German 25 year old med student, at a German military college in 1984 dressing up as caricature of a Jew next to a friend dressed as NAZIs Concentration camp soldier at a school party.
I mean WWII was long time ago right? No one today should complain or suspect anyone of seriously harboring those ideas in Germany today right? He was just a kid and didn't know better and probably doesn't even remember that, right?
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