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Default Re: Military women report they are being denied access to birth control

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Tell me, what is the difference between 'private health insurance' and government health insurance?

While I feel the private health insurance should be optional, I much prefer what seems to be happening locally, and apparently, around in different places in the US.... Doctors and facilities offering 'cash' pricing for non-insurance visits. Quite often the doctor's visit is less than the co-pay would have been.

Insurance companies are not happy about it. But the doctors seem to have found a way around the insurance companies 'contract', which requires ALL patients must be reported to the insurance company, and they cannot accept patients who have insurance but pay cash. I wonder why that is... *taps chin thoughtfully*

I like that idea too. In fact my old doctor years ago was a cash only doctor. Payments for tests were cheaper and so were the office visits.
Private insurers have no real stake in adequately covering the middle class person. Maybe they did once I don't know.
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