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Default The juiciest morsel in Mueller’s charges against Roger Stone

The juiciest morsel in Mueller’s charges against Roger Stone

In one paragraph, Mueller alleges that an unnamed individual gave instructions to a senior unnamed Trump campaign official to get in touch with Stone “about any additional releases and what other damaging information” WikiLeaks was holding about Clinton’s campaign.
After getting those orders, Stone allegedly told the Trump campaign “about potential future releases of damaging material” that WikiLeaks was holding.

The revelation, if true, also suggests that Mueller is potentially sitting on more evidence that could firm up a case of collusion against at least some individuals in Trump’s orbit, or even the president himself.
...language in the paragraph “particularly alarming” because it used the passive voice when describing the campaign officials...
...“This language is very different from other language we have seen Mueller use,” ...“He usually is careful to use some identifying language so that the person can be referenced easily. One reasonable inference is that the person who directed the senior campaign official is someone who cannot be indicted: the president himself.”
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