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Default Re: On ‘wall’ fight, Democrats are the cynical ones

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
no they don't agree. There is fencing. More is needed. Just not 2,000 miles of it.
The $5.7 billion the President wants in this appropriation won't build 2,000 miles of the wall or fencing, nowhere close. The claim is a strawman for the Resistance to mindlessly oppose Trump no matter the facts or the damage from their campaign of hate.

Nancy Pelosi childishly insisted on interrupting the border patrol as they attempted to make a presentation explaining the need for the additional border security. Instead, she invokes emotion laden claims of immorality in a ridiculous attempt to justify opposing the border barriers she and other Democrat leaders formerly endorsed in an attempt to placate the far Left radicals ascendant in the party.
If Democrats were confident their nominee actually received more than 80 million votes they wouldn't have more troops occupying Washington, DC than Lincoln had defending the city during the Civil War. Not Joe Biden, Kim Jung Biden.
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