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Default Re: After nearly 10 years of ignoring it, SCOTUS accepts 2nd Amendment case!

Thanks for posting this thread Jeerleader. This will be an interesting case that I hope is decided on the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. I already have an idea how our 4 left wing justices will vote, but I am curious as to how the other 5 rule. This case could and should, help dismantle a large number of onerous state laws meant to restrict law abiding citizens from exercising their Constitutional rights.

As we speak, my son is on his way to Maryland to live with his wife while he will be stationed a Andrews AFB. He was packing this weekend and had grabbed a couple of his rifles and a pistol. I warned him that he is moving to a left wing state that will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law if he had those guns in his possession. He said he did some research and thought he would be ok, but took my advice and left them here until he gets a better feel for the laws.

Its a shame that an active duty member of our military has to worry about possessing a firearm in one of the original 13 colony's. The founders should be turning over in their graves.
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