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Default Re: Partial US government shutdown is tied for the longest ever

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
What do you think of the overwhelming support of a border wall by those charged with protecting our border, the boots on the ground border agents?
The "Boots on the ground" Border Patrol agents don't endorse Trump's vision of a wall along the US-Mexican border based upon a poll of members of the Border Patrol Union in March of 2017.

Border Patrol union: US-Mexico border wall needed only in 'strategic locations

The leader of the union representing U.S. Border Patrol agents says there doesn’t need to be a full wall along the United States-Mexico border. Instead, he argues, there needs to be a barrier in “strategic locations.”

“We don’t need a great wall of the United States. We do not need 2,000 miles of border wall. I will tell you, however, that a wall in strategic locations is absolutely necessary,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said, ABC News reported.

The union president did, however, admit that the current wall — which is made largely of fencing — “can be defeated” in its present state, noting that he has spent time locating holes in the southwestern border.

Judd shared his analysis during a Senate hearing on staffing issues for Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“If we do a wall and we do it properly on the border, we can, in fact, effectuate a better arrest rate and we can, in fact, secure the border,” Judd continued. “Before we do that, we have to address the current issues that we have.”

Ron Vitiello, who was sworn-in as Border Patrol chief last week, told ABC that the No. 1 priority should be upping the number of boots on the ground because “somebody has to arrest the people who are going to continue to attempt to enter, even if there is a border wall.”

So the No. 1 priority for the Border Patrol is more "Boots on the Ground" because without the boots on the ground the wall/fence is useless. Next is to identify those strategic locations along the US-Mexico border where additionally fencing (or a wall) would be advantageous for enforcement.

Democrats are not opposed to additional physical barriers such as the limited use of walls or fencing in strategic locations along the border like the 700 miles of vehicle and pedestrian fencing they authorized in 2006 if it's based upon the expert advice of those involved in border security. Along with funding the government the Democrats have been calling for exactly that. They want experts on border security to review and provide the recommendations that Republicans and Democrats need before authorizing improvements to our border security.

Democrats not going to support some hair-brained political idea by President Trump that he used in his campaign as an appeal to xenophobic Americans as a basis for funding anything. Not even the Border Patrol endorses Trump's vision of a wall along the entire US-Mexico border because that expenditure would take funds from providing more boots on the ground and wouldn't be effective because under no circumstances will there ever be enough boots on the ground on the US side of the border to back up Trump's 2,000 mile wall.

As an expert in crisis management explained the Democrats hold the upper hand. They've provided legislation to fund the government and end the shutdown as well as the proposal to improve border security based upon the advice of experts. They have the support of the American people and have no reason to change their position(s).

President Trump is responsible for the shutdown and could end it tomorrow by placing border security ahead of his demands for a wall.

Republicans in Congress can also end the shutdown tomorrow by simply supporting veto-proof legislation that funds the government but that doesn't include funding for Trump's wall. The Senate previously passed this type of legislation unanimously in December.

A crisis is coming, make no mistake about it, and either Trump or the Congressional Republicans are going to be held accountable for that crisis. They'll also be the one's that have to cave-in to the Democrats to end the crisis.

When you know a crisis is coming, and that you're the one that will have to end the crisis even if it's not what you want to do, then you're better off doing what needs to be done today instead of waiting for the crisis to actually occur.

There will be no funding for Trump's wall. Get used to it.
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