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Default Re: Partial US government shutdown is tied for the longest ever

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post

So where are we at and what are the possible/probable outcomes.

President Trump is intransient in his demand for a border wall or fence built of concrete or steel along the US-Mexico border. If Congress won't fund it then he's threatened to declare an emergency and use funds either from the US military, FEMA allocated funds for disasters, or perhaps both.

Democrats are never in 100 years going to provide funds for Trump's wall and they don't have to. They have the support of the American people and no reason to capitulate to the demands of President Trump that they were, for the most part, elected to oppose on stupid crap like this. The Democrats are not being blamed for the shutdown.

Republicans are between a rock and a hard place. They know that the Democrats in the House will never approve funding for the wall. The also know that Democrats overwhelmingly support improving border security but Trump won't talk "border security" because he's hung up on the Wall that he'll never get funding for. Mitch McConnell, that's been missing in action, refuses to put the House bill that funds the government to a vote knowing it will pass without any problem in the Senate.

Republicans also know that they're being blamed for the shutdown along with President Trump. Unlike Trump they also know the damage to the country that the shutdown is causing and that if the damage is severe enough in 2020 a Republican won't even be electable in a bright red state.

I'm seeing two things.

Yes, Trump could declare an emergency (when one doesn't exist) and get away with it. It takes a veto-proof joint resolution to stop him from stealing money from the military and/or taking money for people suffering some of the worst natural disasters in our history but it's a bad move. It would allow the next president, a Democrat, to declare states of emergency over things like gun deaths and then confiscate firearms with impunity. Republicans are crazy of they support Trump declaring an emergency because the payback would shake their very core. Of course whatever Trump accomplished on the wall would be quickly and inexpensively gone with a few sticks of dynamite placed along it.

The Republican lawmakers really have no options. They can't stick with Trump and they know that the funding bill will never include money for the wall.

So why are they, or more specifically Mitch McConnell, holding out? Trump can veto legislation of the Senate passes the House funding but that just kicks it back to Congress where Republicans are going to have to join the Democrats and make the funding legislation veto proof with 2/3rds supporting it. Why not do it now and be heroes as opposed to villains in the coming days.
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