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Default Re: Partial US government shutdown is tied for the longest ever

Originally Posted by lurch907 View Post
I scaled your rambling post down to the point, however the point is wrong. Ask Israel. Trump: Is a Border Wall Effective? Ask Israel | CBN News
Is it the fence (not wall) along Israel's Southern border that's effective or the 10 Border Police plus volunteer border patrol agents PER MILE that are effective along this 150 mile stretch of Israeli border.

Of note we already have almost 700 miles of vehicle and pedestrian fencing along our Southern boarder where studies established it would be effective. There are no studies that support fencing along all of our border with Mexico, about half of which is privately owned, that Trump has proposed.

Simple question:

Should the Congress back Trump's $70 billion "wall" with an initial down payment of $5.7 billion for 2019 or should Congress take the time to study the most cost effective means of providing border security and provide funding for that?
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