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Default Re: Freshman Democrats: Legislation, not investigations, should be House priority

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
1. Lowering health care costs
2. Rebuilding infrastructure
3. More transparency and openness
4. Legal status for Dreamers
5. Strengthening background checks on gun purchases
1) yeah; we’ve gone down that road of lies once before.
2) states and local governments should be doing the most of this. but for the responsibilities of the federal government yes we should be taking care of our common areas.
3) lol. that’s a dead end street of lies we fell for once before.
4) on its own? no. as part of a larger deal for border security? possibly.
5) specifics are needed before anyone could form a reasonable opinion.

now what’s the possibilty that the left will just go along no matter what they do and the right will just disagree?
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