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Default Re: 18-Year-Old Said She Was Raped While In Police Custody

Originally Posted by Zenock View Post
Rape is already against the law. The issue here is was it consensual or not? The officer claims it was, girl claims it wasn't. Despite what a lot of people claim, it is possible for a woman to make false claims. Also, despite what a lot of people claim, it is possible for a police officer to lie as well.

My opinion, there is NO good reason for a police officer to be having sex with someone in their custody even IF it is consensual and I've got no problem with passing such a law.

I'm not sure why you would defend this.

You think lonely officers should take to arresting people as a way of meeting girls?
consensual? gimme a break. Even if it had been- and it was not- that's low life for cops (notice plural) to engage in sex with arrested people. gee zues christmas
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