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Default Re: Apparently Jim Mattis wasn't on board with Trump's Syria withdrawal after all

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello View Post
Buried deep in the article:

Mattis loathes Trump's decision! He didn't say that, but we know he does!

Sooooooooo this partisan opinion piece by the Washington Examiner makes a claim and then debunks their own claim later on in the article.

Salty, ya gotta do better than this if ya wanna be taken seriously. We know your bias against Trump is extreme (TDS) but this is weak even for you.
yes if you have real life comprehension, usually called 'common sense', you see that mattis was fairly upset there was no warning to the pentagon or heads up to allies. allies in the field at our behest.
please go work on your other boards. I kinda like the people on this forum and don't like seeing them used by whatever you are and whomever you are employed by.
Were seeing this on multiple fronts. The aforementioned failure to ramp up testing, and the ongoing failure to get needed testing equipment to desperate governors, is compounded by Trumps insistence on claiming that no such testing failure exists or ever has.
Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development
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