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Default Re: Federal deficit jumps 20 percent after tax cuts, spending bill

Originally Posted by dancer View Post
The people have needs. In a democracy we take care of the people. Clinton at least knew that when he raised taxes in the late 1990s and was on the road toward paying off the debt! He even had a surplus and projections were for a continuing surplus. The Congress was worried that the debt may be fully paid off in 2013 causing problems with the international trade situation. Then along came Bush in 2000 and his tax reductions that threw us into the largest debtor and deficit positions ever! Then Trump lowered taxes some more and now we have the largest deficit ever. Why is it that "spending" is all that conservatives look at? Revenue is most important. People have needs and we had better not forget that.

Also, the poor spend every dime they get in on consumption to boost the economy. When we lower taxes we give folks who save, and do not consume as much, more money. The economy and production of goods is consumption driven, not investor driven. Let's put the onus on the right part - the savers, not on the consumers - for the lackluster economy and quit making the situation worse.
Stopped reading right there.

1. We do not live in a Democracy; we live in a Representative Republic. There is a huge difference. A pure Democracy is essentially mob rule. Whatever the majority of people want, becomes the law. If that were the case, minorities would never receive a fair deal. We live in a Republic where the rule of law out weighs the rule of the majority ensuring that all people have equal rights.

2. The role of our government in our Republic is NOT to take care of people, but to provide a framework of Government that allows people to live without fear of government telling people how to live and how they should be forced to spend their monies. It is up to the people to take care of themselves. This system has worked for over 200 years and has formed the basis of a country that was founded by farmers into the most economically and militarily powerful country that he world has ever known. Why would anyone want to change that?
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