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Default Re: Ocasio-Cortez announces time off for ‘self-care.’ Fearing burnout, missing yoga l

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
I love how obsessed the right has become with her. She hasn’t even been sworn in yet and people are debating whether she should take a vacation. And yet the president spends more time watching television than actually working and you guys have no problem with it.
Trump is a work horse, I really don't know how he keeps up his schedule. Must be those diet cokes.

Trump knows how many people listen to the mainstream media and believe everything they say, as if they are a fair and balanced news source.

He needs to watch it so that he knows what the media is telling liberals to think, say, and do.

The left believes that a majority of Americans are Liberal, but they are not.
Appeasement, is feeding the crocodiles, hoping they will eat you last.
Winston Churchill
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