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Default Re: Ocasio-Cortez announces time off for ‘self-care.’ Fearing burnout, missing yoga l

Originally Posted by Jeerleader View Post
This shows the alternate TDS reality leftists live in.
I hate to break it to you, but by your defintion the majority of Americans are leftists living in an alternate TDS reality. But, if our reality is the one with real evidence, identified on an almost daily basis, of the rampant corruption and incompetence of Trump and his team, then what sort of fantasy world do you live in? In your fantasy world, does the New York Attorney General force Trump to close his charity in the face of overwhelming evidence of illegal conduct? In your fantasy world, does the president’s lawyer get caught lying about Trump’s involvement in a Moscow real estate deal? In your fantasy world, does the president’s long-time personal lawyer plead guilty to multiple felonies committed at the direction of the president?
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