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Default Re: Ocasio-Cortez announces time off for ‘self-care.’ Fearing burnout, missing yoga l

Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
I love how obsessed the right has become with her. She hasn’t even been sworn in yet and people are debating whether she should take a vacation.
This shows the alternate TDS reality leftists live in.

Starting a thread and mocking this goofy dingbat's self-aggrandizing, pretentious social media ego masturbation is not being obsessed with her.

Nor is it "debating whether she should take a vacation" . . . This broad is on permanent vacation from political and economic reality; it matters little if she want's to spend time doing self-care and yoga, it's not like what she's been hired to do is so taxing on her physically or emotionally. If she needs a break before she even starts it ain't impacting me, it's just funny.
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