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Default Re: Texas Judge Strikes Down Obama’s Affordable Care Act as Unconstitutional

ACA did not ;provide "Health Care" It provided a structure for Affordable Insurance. To do so, it had to completely regulate the Health "INSURANCE' industry. To do that it overregulated health CARE and the Pharmaceutical industry.

The result has been great for the Big Insurers, who simply divvied up the country, and Big Pharma, but disastrous for Health Care providers and consumers alike. Removal of the mandate will starve it into failure. This just nails the coffin.

The law was birthed illegitimately in the Senate. Which cannot tax the People. The SCOTUS had to call it a tax to make it legit. The SCOTUS cannot Tax the people either. So it is an amazement to me that it still stands at all.

There are better ways to insure that all people have access to healthcare. Including provisions for pre-existing conditions. But unless we place some responsibility on the Health care consumers instead of just doling it out free, the system will not work to provide the best possible care in the world.

Like it used to be before the Gubmit convinced WE-THE-PEOPLE that they could do it better.
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