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Default Re: Texas Judge Strikes Down Obamaís Affordable Care Act as Unconstitutional

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
The logic is that the Supreme Court ruled that the ACA was legal ONLY IF the mandate was considered a tax...That mandate has been removed, therefore, not tax, so the whole thing isn't legal, not any "particular provisions"...

What the Supreme Court ruled on health care 'tax'
Originally Posted by Constant_Slothrop View Post
The point is that there are many provisions of the ACA completely unrelated to that tax. There is no basis for invalidating the Medicaid expansion provisions, for example. That overreach will provide the basis for the Fifth Circuit reversal.
Originally Posted by Gordon Shumway View Post
good olí medicare expansion.
gotta love that.
donít be surprised that it becomes the entire healthcare system outside employer provided insurance.
itís something trump supported before he was against it.
itís something i believe most politicians would support because itís a system we already have and it would be easy to hide behind as support for those who have it or may need it.
i have figured from the beginning that this is where the whole thing is headed.
this new challenge and ruling may usher it in.
very good points. It will be interesting to see how this does play out.
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