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Default Re: North Carolina election-fraud investigation centers on operative with criminal hi

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Here we go again Democrats simply dismiss Republican objections to things like refusals to report the total number of ballots cast and remaining to be counted. Never mind the mixing of ineligible votes with eligible ones. Pay no attention to the county board's inability to figure out how to transmit recount vote totals until after the deadline. Never mind they transmitted the earlier counts without a problem. If we just repeat the fake news that there is no evidence of "widespread" election fraud it must be true.
But you can bet your last dollar had the recount favored the Dem candidate, they would have easily made the deadline. The reports going into the last day of the recount were that they were very close to meeting the deadline and they would have no problem reporting their counts by the deadline. Yet, somehow, they managed to not transmit the final results until a few mins after the deadline. And the final counts showed that Rick Scott actually gained a larger number of votes than the original count. How convenient.
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