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Default Former federal prosecutor explains how Trump committed a crime if he promised to pard

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Former federal prosecutor explains how Trump committed a crime if he promised to pardon Manafort if he lied

Manafort entered into a plea agreement and committed to cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. According to the recent court filings, Manafort breached that agreement by lying. Mueller said that he is moving forward with sentencing Manafort for the breach.

There was no statement about what Manafort lied about.

Mariotti explained that Manafort could have been promised a pardon in exchange for lying, but “but offering anything of value to someone in exchange for the commission of a federal crime is itself a federal crime.”

Today's filing indicates that Mueller believes he can prove that Manafort lied on multiple occasions. It's worth noting that we knew of at least one unusual issue with Manafort's cooperation--Trump's lawyers said Manafort's lawyers were updating them on Manafort's actions.

5:16 PM - Nov 26, 2018

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But Mueller still knows everything Manafort told him. Would he use Manafort as a witness? He could try, but would have to immunize him and potentially get state immunity depending on what he asks. Most likely what Manafort told Mueller will be useful solely to generate leads.

5:41 PM - Nov 26, 2018
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Renato Mariotti

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22/ Lastly, Manafort did hurt himself in another way--by committing new crimes in late 2018, he opened himself up to prosecution for those crimes up and until late 2023 if he isn't pardoned for lying to the FBI and Mueller during his cooperation.

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23/ If Trump loses in 2020, you could imagine a Democratic administration deciding to prosecute Manafort for those crimes, if the pardon only covered the crimes that he was already convicted for. /end
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