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Default Re: White House suspends press pass of CNNís Jim Acosta after testy exchange with Tru

The President has reacted calmly to the new requirements for codifying common courtesy at WH press conferences. No doubt the rules and regulations will prove fertile ground for partisan hucksters like Acosta to dispatch attorneys to litigate whenever they feel unfairly restrained by the rules. After all, it is the Resistance media who are in charge of WH press conferences not President elected by the People.

Although WH press conferences have been conducted for decades without the need for formal rules to govern childish tantrums by reporters there is a real concern the new regulations will be deficient in a vital area. Acosta denies their was any physical contact between him and the intern attempting to retrieve the WH microphone he was monopolizing. His defenders insist the physical contact shown by the video is acceptable if only because the video has been "doctored" to make the contact appear more forceful than it actually was.

Since it is now acceptable for reporters to use some level of physical force to resist surrendering the WH microphone an independent third party is needed to assess the level of force applied by the reporter. Experienced NFL referees in full uniform of course would be well suited to this task. They are experienced in making judgements where some contact is allowed but not an excessive amount. Flag on the play will be replaced by flag on the question.
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