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Default Re: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted a doctored video of the Jim Aco

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
So acting like a jerk is the line where the U.S. gov't can start controlling the press?
Who exactly determines what acting like jerk means? the gov't? is there legal definition of "acting like a jerk"?
when Dems or other D or R snowflakes are in power what will their definition of people acting like jerks be?

Also seems to me that a wise president would leave people in that are obviously acting like jerks and not asking relevant questions. makes the press look like arses and president seem long-suffering of the foolish.
Plus Trump doesn't have to call on any reporter to let them ask questions, or he can call on the jerks last. There's any number of ways he could have handled it but Trump's go to move for folks that rub him wrong is "YOUR FIRED!". "get him outta here!". In a biz that's OK, but as the the public servant president of the U.S. it's not supposed to work that way.
It seems to me a wise President would ban a reporter who sought to make the WH press conference about themselves rather than participating in the process of allowing a variety of reporters to question the President. Where do we draw the line? When a reporter refuses to relinquish the microphone after the President has treated him equitably with the other reporters and indicates he is moving on to another reporter. The line is rightfully draw when the lout posing as a journalist pushes away the arm of an intern trying to retrieve the WH microphone.

There is absolutely no evidence Trump is ejecting reporters based on questions he doesn't like. Based on the defense of Acosta's tantrum by the media there is every reason to believe there are plenty of reporters who will emulate Acosta's boorish behavior the contempt for the President is palpable.

Kindly explain how the President should maintain some control over the press conference under the new rule where a reporter can just keep the microphone for as long as they wish.
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