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Default Re: Neighbor complains, city boots young couple out of their illegal tiny house

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
I have no problem with that. Neighbors don't want their property values to plummet just because someone wants to turn their neighborhood into a trailer park. Its a mobile home. Those are built to be a permanent living structure on wheels IE a mobile home. Mobile homes belong out in the country, in trailer parks. I live in apartment building so I am not some rich ****er trying to slam poor people.

If they want to live in someone's back yard or drive way then they need to buy an RV camper otherwise known as a travel trailer or caravan. From what From what I understand tiny homes do not go up in value like regular houses IE none trailer park homes do. So a RV camper would be a better value.
In many counties, living in a non permanent building of any sort and/or two occupied buildings on the same lot, or within the same building in residential SF zoning is not allowed at all.

Zoning is there for a reason. One of the reasons is to keep people from turning their R-7 site into a mobile home park. I agree with this reason.
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