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Default Re: Richard ojeda, west virginia lawmaker who supported teachers strikes, will run fo

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
I think all of us of this forum, can agree we should go to the mountaintop and with one, unified voice, yell together....

No? I knew about the guy before he announced his run for president. A pro-union military veteran with a strong tone and personality, running on an anti-establishment, populist left economic agenda? If he makes it to the primary season I believe Richard Ojeda would be a solid contender for the nomination. It's kinda dependent on Bernie and Joe Biden staying out though. They both would draw from the base, and those two have better name recognition which might choke out Ojeda. He's most certainly an underdog, but watch out if he does gain momentum. Dude would run very strong in the rust belt and the rural states if he made it to the general election.
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