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Default Re: Obamacare is finally working (and Republicans still want to kill it)

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
The premiums went up because of Republican control in Congress where the anticipated first few years of losses by the insurance companies were not reimbursed at the 80% rate that was established under Obamacare. Don't blame Obamacare for Republicans failing to fund the provisions of Obamacare.

The individual mandate continues to exist and the reduce rates are occurring before the elimination of the penalties for individuals without insurance.

The elimination of the penalties by Republicans does create a problem for Republicans because it removed funding for those with pre-existing conditions that will remain enrolled in Obamacare. With Democrat control of the House, where all tax and spending measures originate, there are two choices for resolution of the lack of revenue created by the Republicans.

1) Reinstate the individual mandate penalties at an increased rate.

2) Have the federal government fully fund the financial shortfall to continue to provide coverage from the general tax revenues. To do this the recent tax cuts for the super-wealthy and corporations, that didn't need a tax cut and increased deficit spending by at least $1.4 trillion without any benefit to the US economy - but the House is expected to legislate reversal these cuts while increasing the tax cuts for 90% of Americans anyway.
The most massive rate increases actually happened BEFORE the PPACA was fully enacted - in other words, BEFORE the Republicans had anything to do with it. Reasoning? Because the PPACA had rate increase caps on premiums, the insurance companies nailed the premiums as much as they possibly could to get their profits in before they were capped.

A well thought out program would have addressed that possibility. But passing something in the dark of the night on a straight partisan vote doesn't lend itself to forethought.

The individual mandate has not been enforced, but employers are still required to jump through all the hoops, in an administrative boondoogle of epic proportions. To my best recollection, they changed the reporting format THREE TIMES in the span of 6 months. The cranial-rectal inversion of the lack of planning is 100% owned by the Democrats.

Putting this as politely as I can, the PPACA is a biased, partisan dysfunctional Charlie Foxtrot of the first water. It does not provide healthCARE, it is a front loaded payment mechanism that makes insurance companies the equivalent of a condom.
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