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Default Re: Democrats Promise Most Aggressive Gun Control Measure In Decades

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
Gun regulation damned sure wasn't the reason.

here read this :

Even your anti-2nd amendment article admits that gun control was one of the issues that led to their loss. The author is nothing more than a gun control zealot trying to make pushing anti-2nd amendment laws at the federal level seem like no big deal.
The truth, political scientists say, is that it can be attributed to a combination of factors, and the "assault weapons" ban was just one of several controversial votes that led to the loss.


and most Americans today including many NRA members do want some forms of gun regulation.
Gun owners, by a 50-44 percent margin, also support tighter measures.
Yet gun control keeps being a losing issue at the federal level. I have to wonder if the people who took the polls were actual gun owners and if the so called gun owners who took the poll know that assault weapon is nothing more than anti-2nd amendment trash code for semiautomatic firearm and that high capacity is nothing more than anti-2nd amendment trash code for standard capacity magazine. Did the poll takers actually verify that the people who took the poll were actual NRA members? I ask because the gun control crowd tend to be extremely dishonest. They falsely claim that semi-automatic firearms are really military grade weapons, assault rifles, and so on. They falsely claim that 10 to 30 round standard capacity magazines are really high capacity magazines. They even add suicides to the number of gun deaths to inflate their numbers.
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