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Default Re: Texas Poll Worker Tells Undercover Journalist: ‘We’ve Got Tons of DACA Voters’

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
There is not just one polling place per town. Many people working at the polls are volunteering from the local area and politically active meaning they know at least some of the people voting. How many of the people voting at these polling places do you know? None I'll venture.
Just because they work at the polling places doesn't mean they know the people who vote at that polling place. Nor does it mean they live in the are the polling place is at.

DACA participants casting votes is a crime. The new standard is someone admitting to breaking the law in a conversation is obligated to provide proof, confessing is not enough. Talk about partisan blindness among voter fraud deniers.
The 1st poll worker they showed during the majority of the video at one polling place didn't admit to anything. All she said was if they are registered to vote and have a valid id then they can vote. The 2nd lady at another polling place said we got a lot of them. It doesn't actually prove illegals are voting or that they are purposely letting illegals vote. Texas has a huge legal Hispanic population. So just because they someone Hispanic doesn't mean that person is an illegal. Now if O'Keefe has the whole video showing the polling places they went to are, verifying the people being interviewed are actually poll workers, the alleged poll worker going into detail how she knows that illegals are voting and what the DACA population is in that polling district then I would be willing to believe the claim that poll workers are purposely letting illegals vote.
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