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Default Re: Texas Poll Worker Tells Undercover Journalist: ‘We’ve Got Tons of DACA Voters’

Originally Posted by CindyB View Post
Attacking James O'Keefe and all those in Project Veritas is a typical, dishonest ploy of the Left.

I'll NEVER forget them revealing the horror of Planned Parenthood killing babies to harvest their body parts.
I'll never forget that either.But in those cases they didn't have just clips, they had the whole couple hours of conversations so that planned parenthood defenders couldn't say oh those were just edited. In the OP story there is just a clip of two different ladies saying two different things. One lady repeatedly saying if they are registered and have an ID then they can vote and the other lady at another polling place saying yeah she seen lots of them and wanting to look up their system to see if the person is on there. IN the clip there is nothing proving how she knows illegals are voting.
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