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Default Re: Texas Poll Worker Tells Undercover Journalist: ‘We’ve Got Tons of DACA Voters’

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
And most of the towns are not tiny less than a thousand people living in them towns.Only a few of them are like that.

Where is your evidence that she knew the DACA participants? None of the two alleged poll workers in the different polling places provided any evidence to their claims. The first poll worker (obviously in a gym of some sort judging by the basket ball goal in the background)is just repeating if they have a voter registration card and ID then they can vote. The second poll worker(obviously in a office judging by the bookshelves and low ceilings) in a different location didn't provide any evidence to her claim that illegals IE daca participants were voting. And even then judging by her first comments they still had to be in the system in order to vote because she wanted to see if they were in the system. Meaning they had to been registered to vote. They can think someone is an illegal, but that's not proof someone is an illegal.
There is not just one polling place per town. Many people working at the polls are volunteering from the local area and politically active meaning they know at least some of the people voting. How many of the people voting at these polling places do you know? None I'll venture.

DACA participants casting votes is a crime. The new standard is someone admitting to breaking the law in a conversation is obligated to provide proof, confessing is not enough. Talk about partisan blindness among voter fraud deniers.
If Democrats were confident their nominee actually received more than 80 million votes they wouldn't have more troops occupying Washington, DC than Lincoln had defending the city during the Civil War. Not Joe Biden, Kim Jung Biden.
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