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Default Re: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson's Home Targeted by Anti-Fascist Protesters

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
For just a minute, let's accept your idiotic premise
I don't appreciate your condescending then blatant critical attitude of me personally-and not because of any perceived board regulations but from the standpoint of decency in conversation. I used to be ultra nicey-nice on here and some far-right rw'rs began treating me like shLt, of which your attitude above is a partial example.
to ask you this question: I take it that you see no problem with this?

How about I get a group of people and call them Anti-Liberal and send them to your house to harass you and your family
that is not a thing because no one would form an anti-Liberal group since Liberalism is a political stance widely accepted as legitimate in this country. would be like forming an anti-red heads group.
Fascism, on the other hand, is a dangerous and very anti-American ideology that tuck appears to adhere to.

, night and day and then attempt to bust down your front door. Would that be OK with you because you are a liberal and they are a group of anti-liberals?
I would call the police. political stance having not much to do with it
You really need to engage your brain before you type Salty.
Again you are not making your case, just hurling insults

You come here and defend almost every stupid action by leftists because you agree with your ideology.
I am a moderate conservative. I like to debate. Sometimes I play devil's advocate. I am passionate about health care and corruption. the rest I take a stance on to discuss and try to pry good information out of other debaters.

And this from the poster that started the daily Bible verse thread.
I believe in God so I must be a Republican? Is that what you are getting at?
That's ridiculous. God loves us all.
Posting Bible verses does not make you a Christian.
correct. looking at your sins, being truly sorry for them, asking forgiveness, and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior from the damnation which you otherwise justly deserve-
makes you saved. you can call it anything you want. Christian is a good word so we'll go with that.

Christians would condemn evil regardless of their political ideology.
I do. That's why I am not fond of the POTUS

God doesn't care about your politics.
precisely so why bring that up?

Let me save you some time for future reference. it takes a lot to hurt my feelings. and posters on an online forum are just vapor. I don't pretend they love me. And I am much more impressed if they can look up real sources and give me a rousing fact-based argument with links to back up their claims.
I'm even more impressed if they can teach me something.
Dear fundamentalist Christian Trump supporters: If Obama had held the Bible backwards and upside down, you would immediately have called him the Antichrist.
Stephen King (tweet)
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