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Default Re: Obamacare is finally working (and Republicans still want to kill it)

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Well dang, Salty, why don't you give her the money to make sure she gets her insurance? After all, to do otherwise means you don't care about your fellow man.

Sorry, the snark just slipped out. Your hope for this woman is nice, but please stop and realize that someone is paying for that 'expansion of Medicare'. You know my thoughts on 'insurance'. And once again, the involvement of government can only add to the cost.

Funny how it works,

Usually lefties want higher taxes on everyone that makes more money than they do.

The ones that pay NO taxes, want EVERYONE to pay more taxes.
By it's very nature, socialism can only expedite misery, repression, and the death of Liberty.

Cole P. Zail
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